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Soft Toys

At Great Gizmos we stock a wide variety of soft toys for children of all ages. When it comes to providing your child with comfort, companionship and a surprising number of learning and development skills, nothing beats the enduring appeal of teddy bears, dolls and stuffed animal toys. Read More

We all remember our favourite soft toys from childhood. From a child’s perspective, a favourite dolly or teddy bear is more than just a toy - it can provide comfort and friendship over many years, giving them positive childhood memories that can last a lifetime. But perhaps what your child does not realise is that these cuddly toys are also providing them with valuable life skills that will help them through every stage of their childhood development.

Right from the very earliest stages of a child’s life the feel of children's soft toys can be a source of great interest, amusement and comfort. Babies begin to explore the world around them through touch and the various different surfaces of a soft toy provide the perfect stimulus. During toddler years children are beginning to develop their language and observation skills as well as more emotional responses such as empathy and reasoning. Stuffed animals in particular are great for learning animal names and sounds they make. During these early years soft toys are also used to test out emotions as well to understand and practice early parenting skills through being fed, put on the potty, having nappies changed and being put to bed.

By the time children reach pre-school age soft toys become more involved in active play and are used to share feelings and create imaginary scenarios with. Real life situations are often reenacted with soft toys to help children understand and deal with difficult emotions as well as helping children to become calm and relaxed. Among school age children, from about five years old onwards, soft toys are often used as participants in a wider variety of play – from audiences in a puppet show to participants in a race. As they get older, they can become highly prized collectables and activities such as making clothes for teddy or dolly can help children learn pattern making and sewing skills involving fine motor coordination and three-dimensional mathematics.

As with any toy, but particularly with one that is likely to become such a big part of your child’s life, safety and durability are essential. At Great Gizmos we stock a huge range of high quality plush toys and accessories from the NICI brand, all of which are available to buy direct from our online store. New in this range is a fantastic collection of miniature beanie key holders and magnetic toys featuring a wide variety adorable characters and animals including everything from lions, elephants, bears, monkeys and hedgehogs to little devils, dinosaurs and dragons.

For the little monster in your life our NICI Monsters collection includes a range of unbelievably cute little characters available as larger soft toys and small sized beanbag key holders as well as soft touch shoulder bags for school. For animal lovers our Wild Friends range features a collection of cuddly giraffe, leopard, lion, tiger and hummingbird characters. As well as soft toys this fantastic range includes soft cushions, furry money banks, wallets, purses, pencil cases, mobile phone bags and more. Other collections in our NICI soft toy range include Jolly Sheep, NICI Horse Club, Glowing Ringo, Green Lilly, NICI Dragons, NICI Commanders and NICI Sweethearts.

Our popular NICI Wonderland collection includes three soft doll characters – Minilina, Minilara and Minilotta – that are sure to become any little girl’s best friend. With a fantastic range of clothes and accessories including bags, blankets, cushions and even a pop up play house, NICI Wonderland dolls are perfect for accompanying your child on their everyday adventures – wherever it takes them.

For babies and younger children the My First NICI range features a collection of beautifully made and super soft comforters, including new rabbit, lamb, dog and owl characters – perfect for bedtime. Also for babies, My First NICI offer gorgeously soft activity play mats with hanging soft toys, rattles and mirrors to keep your baby entertained whilst exploring their senses. Once your child becomes mobile My First NICI have a great selection of pull along soft toys, soft books and even a great fun baby bowling set featuring soft rabbit and teddy bear pins. So for soft toys of any type for children of all ages, at Great Gizmos we’ve got it covered.

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