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Science Museum

For the budding Scientist we offer a fantastic range of science for kids from The Science Museum that are designed to encourage proactive learning through experimenting with a wide variety of sciences in a safe, fun and engaging environment. In addition to educating children about biology, physics and chemistry our ever-popular Science Museum range also teach children about important environmental issues such as clean alternative sources of renewable energy, recycling and sustainability. Read More

For more imaginative science games our fun mechanics kits are great entertainment and teach children about basic electronics, physics and anatomy, whilst our fantastic spy kits provide an introduction to security and forensic science. For children of all ages our glow in the dark solar system kits provide a novel way of learning about space and astronomy and the solar system – whilst adding a glow to their bedrooms at nighttime.

For teachers wanting to start the school term with some exciting new lesson plans that will have students rushing to participate in exciting activities, then the Science Museum range from Great Gizmos has the resources for the task.

The catalogue of science kits, aimed predominantly at Key Stage 2, is packed with projects to take the ‘dull’ out of physics and the ‘boring’ out of chemistry. Each activity provides fun, hands-on activities which will see kids enjoying learning the theory of each subject through experience.

For example, lessons about reduction and oxidation reaction are hardly likely to get an enthusiastic reaction – but if the task was to build a robot out of a recycled soda can, then they will be falling over themselves to explore and join in. Kids will soon be learning what gears are used to change the velocity of direction and how this can be used to increase the exertion of an object whilst understanding how cams are used to convert rotary motion into reciprocating motion.

An equally exciting environmental science project is the Solar Robot, where kids can create a functional model learning how light travels as waves, while discussing the use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy.

With projects covering Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Environmental, and Natural Science, each Science Museum kit kit comes with full instructions on how to create each project. There are also some kits covering diverse subjects such as motion and forces, lights and senses - in fact very few scientific stones are left unturned.

Great Gizmos’ Science Museum range also boasts a fabulous selection of projects that explore the world of science and technology. The Buzz Wire kit is truly electrifying and will put kids’ skills to the test with the use of a simple wire circuit which, once assembled, will emit a shocking sound when touched. For other circuit kits, there’s the Top Secret Intruder Alarm - fit this kit to any door and all intruders will be detected.

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